Are your leadership skills costing you?

  • Do you feel stuck trying to develop your leadership team?

  • Do you feel like you have to swoop in to save the day?

  • Are people afraid to try new things for risk of failing?

  • Is it exhausting trying to prioritize?

  • Does it feel like people can’t make a decision without you?

  • Is it a struggle to get people to share honestly?


I Have:

  • 20+ years of leadership experience

  • Empowered 1,000+ leaders

  • Worked with leaders around the globe


Leader Development Plan

Having influence in people’s lives makes you a leader, but influence doesn’t equate to effetiveness. Courageous leadership requires developing the right skills to help those around you thrive while you accomplish your vision together. Stop feeling ill-equipped and stuck. Take time today to invest in your leadership. Let’s create a personalized leadership development plan so that you can thrive in your leadership role.


Get Equipped Plan

  1. Schedule a consultation.

  2. Let’s create an individualized plan.

  3. Get equipped.

  4. Lead confidently.

What makes Alicia Granholm Consulting so different?

Most people get promoted because they excel in their technical skills. More often than not, they are promoted without leadership development training. I provide easily accessible leadership training for busy leaders. They can access it any time anywhere, maximize their leadership potential, and become the effective leaders they were meant to be. Continue reading