With a passion for the Church, her leadership expertise and her global experience, Alicia is a respected leadership and church consultant across denominations and around the globe.


The local church is the means through which God chose to continue bringing the Kingdom of Heaven to earth so that every person on earth would experience Immanuel, God with us! As pastors, we also happen to be leaders who need to use our influence to help people in our church communities work together towards common goals like the Great Commission, and the Greatest Commandments, and…fill in the blank with the vision God put on your heart. Successfully leading churches in our increasingly diverse communities can be challenging. But it's God's will that we would continue to do the hard work of meeting people as they are where they are. The world may be changing around us, but the Gospel's Truth is timeless. I will walk alongside you, and your church, as you face the changing times with the timeless Truth.


I will work with you to figure out a specific plan for your unique leadership and church needs.



Culture changes are needed in our churches for a number of reasons: the community around us is changing, our theology is changing, we need to prioritize different ministries, etc. In order to change the cultures of our churches, new mindsets, actions, and ministry designs are essential. Let's get started today on implementing a church cultural change that will be embraced throughout your church.



Mentoring, coaching and individualized development plans guide leaders in their continual growth and development as they fulfill the vision God has placed on their hearts. Let's get started today!



Organizational culture enables ministry teams to thrive as they respond to today's needs and tomorrow's. Together, we can ensure cohesive direction, alignment and commitment across your teams.



Prepare for future growth and change through succession planning. Individualized development plans strengthen and deepen your church's leadership bench now and for the future! Let's start preparing today.