Why now?

Cities around the globe are diversifying more than ever before, but the communities inside our churches are not. Many mainline churches are even shrinking or closing. My consulting helps pastors spread the Gospel cross-culturally so that more people experience salvation and join their communities. Our church cultures, our messages, and our non-verbal communication is confusing and increasingly irrelevant to many. And yet, we know that the Gospel itself is not only relevant today, but it is powerful to impact lives for eternity! Jesus came that all might have life and live it to the full; not just in heaven, but here and now! But, how do we ensure our church reveals this clearly? The answer is to engage with my consulting.

I know it can be messy and hard to connect with other cultures and have helped over a thousand ministry leaders successfully engage cross-culturally locally and abroad. When you eliminate barriers to the Gospel, your ministry becomes accessible to people of different ages, races, and cultures, more people experience the fullness of salvation, and your community grows reflecting the reality of heaven.

A recent Minneapolis Star Tribune article highlighted the trend of church doors closing and mainline denominations declining. Not only that, but the growing “religion” in the United States is those affiliating with no religion at all. It was recently noted that some 56 million Americans identify as unaffiliated with any organized religion. “That’s more than the membership of all mainline Protestants combined” (Hopfensperger, Star Tribune, 2018).

Those leaving the Christian faith cite a detachment between core Christian teachings and daily life, irrelevant rituals, a disconnect between their head and heart, the inability to ask their deep questions, and encountering “a foreign culture” (Hopfensperger, Star Tribune, 2018).

For over 20 years, I have developed my cross-cultural expertise having lived, studied, and traveled in 25 countries on six continents. For more than 10 years, I served as a Pastor in both growing mainline and non-denominational churches in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metropolitan area. I have successfully trained, equipped, and empowered over 1,000 ministry leaders to compassionately cross-cultural boundaries to partner with God in each context. I hold an MA in Teaching, an MDiv and am currently a Doctoral candidate in Strategic Leadership at Regent University with an emphasis in Global Consulting.

As your advisor, we will: 1. Identify the barriers to the Gospel in your ministry. 2. Identify the root causes. 3. Identify optimal solutions and 4. Implement the necessary changes.

Only 3% of nones consider themselves atheists. Millions of people still believe in God and value their spirituality, but they feel abandoned by local churches. Churches that eliminate barriers to the Gospel in their ministries enable more people to experience the fullness of salvation and facilitate them joining their community. Contact me today to start revolutionizing your church’s mission. Why? Because nobody will attend a church until they personally feel like they could thrive as part of the community!