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best practices for creating shared culture on cross-cultural mission teams

Cross-cultural missions will ever be essential for fulfilling the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20).  Just as Jesus brought together a team of disciples who might not have otherwise collaborated towards a shared vision, cross-cultural missions will continue to do the same.  Addressing the challenges of team development, alignment, and cohesiveness of newly established cross-cultural teams is best done by creating a shared culture. For white paper, click the image on the left.

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culturally diverse teams

When leaders begin focusing on promoting cultural diversity, then and only then, will true diversity actually exist among their staff.  When leaders approach diversity as simply a thing of appearances, they fail to create environments for diverse teams to thrive. A paradigm shift is needed in how leaders approach developing diverse teams. Click on image for white paper.

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Developing Effective Leaders

The rise of globalization sees organizations increasingly uncertain of how to navigate the influence of their leaders’ diverse cultures. Strong organizational cultures that empower diverse authentic leaders to embrace their unique strengths respond more quickly to market changes, attract and keep highly qualified employees from different social groups, increase their access to local markets, and experience increased leader effectiveness across situations. Effective leadership development systems are the key to protecting and reinforcing strong organizational cultures which empower authentic leaders who enable organizations to realize sustained long-term success. Click image for white paper.