Are you struggling to reach your neighborhood?

  • Are you unsure how to meet the emerging needs in your neighborhood?

  • Did your last local outreach flop?

  • Do most people visit once and then never return?

  • Do most people commute to your church?

  • Do your church members feel disconnected from your neighbors?

  • Has it been a while since someone new stepped into your church?

I don’t just care about churches, I care about you, Pastor.


cross-cultural expertise

1,000+ ministry leaders empowered

20+ years of church leadership experience

leadership development

Leadership Development

Team and individual leadership development plans guide leaders in their continual growth and development as they become leaders worthy of a congregation’s following. Let's get started today!

culture design

Culture & Values Design

Values are how and why we do what we do. Welcoming and empowering church cultures are essential for intercultural church communities. Together, we can design empowering church cultures.

diversity cross-cultural training

Cross-Cultural Training

Society and culture is constantly changing. Relating cross-culturally to others can not only be learned, but is essential for fulfilling a church’s vision. Let’s create church cultures where all can thrive!


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Why now?

Cities around the globe are diversifying more than ever before, but the communities inside our churches are not.  Many mainline churches are even shrinking or closing.  My consulting helps pastors spread the Gospel cross-culturally so that more people experience salvation and join their communities. Continue reading…