Why Church Planting

Over the last year and a half, I’ve gotten to serve and work at Substance Church (St. Paul, MN, USA), which in 2010 was the 21st fastest growing church in the United States.  Weekly, people literally give their lives to Christ as they encounter a community of people who love Jesus and love each other.  Recently, we had a guy come to our Tuesday night service who’d been out of prison for 2 days and he not only gave his life to Christ, but he encountered the love of God in ways that he never imagined was possible!  And we just had a guy whose one eye had been blind since birth receive sight in it for the first time ever after receiving prayer at our Tuesday night service! Substance was started with the help of a church planting ministry called ARC .  New churches are truly one of the most effective ways of reaching people who don’t yet believe in Jesus.  But starting a church is also one of the most challenging things in the world to do.  95 out of every 100 new churches doesn't make it.  But, out of the churches that have been started with the help of ARC, 95 out of 100 not only MAKE IT, but they are literally thriving and reaching new people with the life-giving message of Jesus every week all over the US!

What if this could be the reality for new churches in Europe today?!  I mean in Europe, people literally don’t know that God is relevant for their life today and actually real.  They do not have church communities that they can walk into and have a home, have authentic relationships with people who genuinely care about them, have a place where they can get prayer, and have places to literally encounter the Body of Christ.  What if 95 out of 100 new churches were not only making it in Europe, but were literally thriving and reaching new people with the life-giving message of Jesus every week?

The hope and prayer of Europe Advance, which is similarly working with new churches in Europe, is that the 95% success rate can be reached in Europe as well!  The Church really is God's plan to reach the world with the Good News today.