What if it's true?

What if what the Bible says really is true? What if what's recorded in the pages of that book are actually what God wants us to know about humanity, heaven, salvation, redemption, reconciliation, peace, love, sacrifice, etc.? 20130324-194630.jpg

What if it's ALL true? In Isaiah 53, God tells Israel that even though they think they're doing all their religious rituals correctly that in fact they aren't. Because even though they were fasting from food one day, the next day they were still exploiting their neighbors, getting into brawls with one another, throwing people under the bus (figuratively) and living only as they pleased. No, what God wanted the chosen tribe to do was to establish heaven on earth by ending injustice, ending oppression, bringing freedom to all, making sure everyone was full, clothed and had a roof over their head. And actually, only then would their prayers be heard...

What if what Jesus said in Matthew 25 is true? That those who meet the needs of the least of those in society are actually serving Him as well, and those who aren't meeting their needs, well they aren't and they might as well not even claim to know Jesus nor claim to be His follower.

If this is true, then the widow who helped my biological dad when he was drunk, homeless and dying was serving Jesus. And those who stuck by my cousin while he was in prison were serving Jesus. And those who have fed and clothed my friends when they were in need were serving Jesus. And those who didn't, well, they weren't.

The thing is, each one is God's creation (and someone's son, daughter, sister, friend, uncle...) no matter where in the world they were born nor into what circumstances they were born into. And God loves each one. But do we? And before we say we do, we have to know that our actions speak louder than our words, every time...

I love how simple Jesus makes God's commandments in Matthew: 'love God and love others as you love yourselves. Everything hangs on those two things.' What if it's that simple and true?