Vida en Surco

A Sunday in Lima


It's Sunday in Lima! Another gorgeous sunny day! This morning we headed to the Cultural Center in Surco (a district of 450,000 people within 17 square miles) where the community Vida en Surco ('Life in Surco') meet on Sunday mornings.



Last weekend, Vida en Surco celebrated their 1 year anniversary! It was so fun spending the morning with them and meeting so many in the community. I cannot wait to come back in 6 weeks to spend more time with them!

Mother's Day is a HUGE deal in Peru! It's literally one of the biggest day celebrations in the country. Restaurants are packed out, and there are flowers, balloons and presents everywhere! We opted to stay in for lunch and had a fabulous meal at home with Danny's family.


Don't worry, my mom didn't miss out by me being here on Mother's Day. Since we're proud of our Scottish heritage, we celebrated Mother's Day last weekend by going to the Scottish Fair and out to dinner with my dad. :)


After spending the afternoon getting schooled by a 9-year-old in Dutch Blitz, Danny and I went to the last service at Camino de Vida. This church was started by Robert and Karyn Barriger.


Like many churches and church plants, they are currently going through a building transition as the building they've been meeting in for years was recently bought. So they're now having to meet in different spaces and locations. Such a common story among churches in urban areas.

So excited to check out Krochet Kids tomorrow!