Girls on the Run

It's what you CAN do

All too often, people look at issues like drugs, crime rates, sex trafficking, homelessness, etc. and get overwhelmed by all the problems bombarding them on the news. bigstock-overwhelmed-woman-on-a-chair-durring-a-storm

Maybe you don't, but I know a lot of people who do, so much so that even though they are so bothered by what they know happens in the world today and they really do want to do something about it, they're overwhelmed to the point of inaction. So instead of doing anything, they watch the problems on the news at night and become more and more disheartened about our world and how in shambles it is.

I admit that there isn't an easy solution to every problem in the world today, but here's the reality individuals together can create a movement of a better tomorrow. As Christine Caine says, "we cannot all do everything, but everyone can do something." Truth is, you already have something in your hand that you can use to become part of the solution, to help bring justice to earth. We could all sit around waiting for the officials to solve our problems, or we could take matters into our own hands and be part of the solution.


Today, I get to start coaching for the Girls on the Run spring season! See, I'm super passionate about helping end human trafficking in our generation. I cannot stomach the fact that there are 26 million slaves in the world today, nor the fact that Minnesota is ranked one of the top 13 states in the nation for highest incidence in recruitment of children for sex trafficking. This issue is so multifaceted that it'll make your head spin thinking about all the systemic issues that allow this to even continue in this day and age. Despite its complexity, I've decided that one of the things I can do to help end it is to pour into girls at a young age helping them to know their true value and worth so that they can stand up to anything and anyone that would tell them otherwise. By being a coach for Girls on the Run, I will get to do this through a running program! So I get to combine my love of coaching, my passion for ending the sex trafficking of our children, and my love of sports all in one! My love for inspiring others and encouraging them to live out their fullest potential has collided with my love of sports so that I can be part of the solution to this massive problem. I simply am taking what's in my hand and putting it to use.

What's in your hand? What are you doing with it? Is our world getting better because of it?