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You've Got Every Right to a Beautiful Life

Kristie Kerr -- Worship Leader.  Author.  Speaker.  Co-Founder of Fourth Floor Ministries.  www.kristerkerr.com  I traveled with Kristie on my recent trip to Panama and wanted to share her beautifully penned reflections from our time there.

I’ve  just come home from a missions trip to Panama City. We hosted a conference for girls and saw over 1500 girls attend.

And the last few days, I’ve been asking God what I should specifically be praying over these precious girls. And the Holy Spirit has been bringing back to my heart the lyrics from a song my sweet friend Stephanie sang during the opener of the conference. It says this:

You’ve got every right to a beautiful life.

And that is what I have been praying over these sweet girls. That they would KNOW that they DESERVE an abundant, joyful and peace-filled life. Their circumstances scream to them that this kind of existence will never be a reality. The first night the altar call was for those who were facing some kind of physical or sexual abuse. I would guess about 75% of the girls came forward. One of the mothers collapsed in my arms trembling with fear as she explained the constant violence she faces in her home. My heart broke for her… and it broke even more as I looked into the faces of her 3 daughters standing next to her with blank stares on their faces.

They don’t know that they have every right to a beautiful life.

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