Introducing Lima


Today was such a fabulous intro to life in Lima (city of 9 million, or 7 depending on who you talk to). This morning, we hit the fresh fruit market to grab fruit for breakfast. There were definitely fruits I had never seen, like tuna (the prickly pear) and chirimoya (which looked like a cross between a pear and an artichoke heart, and was silky and delicious)! 003

After breakfast, we toured the guesthouse project 'upstairs'. By June, it'll have all new plumbing, furnished bedrooms and sitting areas.


This 3-bedroom guesthouse will be a project that teams will not only get to stay in but also help develop. I'm excited that our Substance team this summer will be the first group to stay in it! LOVE all the future plans for it-it has so much potential!

Then it was off to Es Condito del Gordo (the fat man's hideout) for some of the most amazing seafood! Cerviche is from Peru, so of course we had to have some of that, not too mention a whole slew of other deliciousness! Have I said how much I love seafood?! I love seafood!



Macy and I had a good laugh when we tried to hold up our oysters and the juice came running down our arms!

Once we were all very satisfied we went to the Casa Hogar Padre Martinho, a privately run orphanage for children with special needs. In Peru, there are a number of government run orphanages, but they will not take kids who are orphaned with special needs. So this privately run orphanage is a huge blessing to so many children who too were created in the image of God and have the basic needs that we all have: to be loved, to be fed and to be clothed. Right now there are 25 orphans living there with needs from autism, to HIV, to multiple physical and metal needs, to needing hospice care. There are typically about 3 staff on hand to take care of all the needs of every child. Needless to say, more helping hands are in high demand!

Recently, an artist with an understanding of child psychology visited the orphanage, talked with some of the kids and came up with room designs for each room so that they are much less institutional-like. About half of the kids lay on their backs most of their days, so having something more than a bare white ceiling to stare at all day will be a huge improvement! I'm excited to be able to not only come back in June to spend more time with the kids, but also to help make the orphanage a much more kid-friendly home.



After spending time at the orphanage, we visited a large Inca market and then hit the shore to take in the ocean at sunset with some ice cream.


An amazing first day in Lima!