Way up into the mountains


Today took us higher, and I mean higher, into the mountains! IMG_0285

We visited several communities in an area that used to have the highest child mortality rate in Central America. Until recently, there was no clean water, sanitation, access to a clinic nor electricity. All that has changed since ENLACE has been working with the local churches and communities in this region.


Water is now available (though plans are in the mix for more access), latrines are available for many of the families (though many more are still needed), there is a clinic in the region and even a couple of satellite classrooms for students to attend a school at so they don't have to sit under tin roofs propped up on rickety wooden poles.

Lunch again was fabulous today! (The food here in general is AWESOME!)


We had bean soup with fresh avocado, mango and of course some delicious homemade corn tortillas! (I could really get used to these tortillas!)


One of the unintended consequences of being up so high in the mountains was the sun on this pasty Minnesota skin that hasn't seen sun in over 6 months.


Today's adventure into the mountains was made complete with a ride on top of the land rover partway down the mountainside. The soreness of my backside will remind me of that unforeseen highlight for a few days. :)

I can't believe our time here is practically over. It has been amazing to see all the fabulous things that are taking place in this Central American country amidst the seemingly impossible challenges to overcome! The people here are incredibly hardworking and hospitable. After seeing all that transformation that is taking place trough the partnerships of the local churches and communities in the regions ENLACE is working with churches, I am so thankful their goal is to work with a church in each municipality in the country! May it be so!

El Salvador, I will see you again soon!