Into NE El Salvador


Today, we got to travel to the North Eastern part of El Salvador. It was about a 2 hour can ride through winding mountains, past street vendors and with the local volcano (no worries it's been in active for years) in our sight most of the way. IMG_0239

We were able to visit a local clinic that had just been completed this past January and now serves about 16,000 people. Before this clinic had been completed, everyone in the area had to travel to the nearest bigger city and hope that the clinic there even had the medicines they needed. Usually it didn't. Through the partnership between the local church ENLACE has been working with and the local community, the clinic we visited today is constantly well stocked and Sufi isn't for most of the people's usual needs.



We then traveled to see a water tank that a local church and community are working diligently on improving. The infrastructure is in place and fully functioning for the water to get to people's homes but the tank is beginning to crack and is too small. As more people have moved into the area, the tank hasn't been able to keep up with the demand for water in the neighborhoods it supplies. So they are hoping and praying that soon they will be able to build a bigger tank and fix the one they have. This will be done more quickly through partnerships with people and churches who can capture the same vision the community has and has a desire to come alongside of what's already happening there through the community's initiative.


After visiting with the local water committee, we headed to a community called El Platanar where we had a fabulous lunch if homemade chicken and amazing corn tortillas!! After lunch, we got to hear about how the church we were visiting used to think that they couldn't help people outside the church because they would become 'unholy'. But after working with ENLACE they realized that one of their roles in the community is to meet everyone's needs, not just the Christians. Now they are working with the community to help build a walking bridge that would connect one community to the other. During the dry season people are able to get from one community to the other in 10 minutes. But during the rainy season, the water gets too high in the river bed and people have to walk around which takes about an hour. It was so awesome to hear how this local church is partnering with their community to help make the community better for everyone!


Better end here. We're off to dinner in a few! So looking forward to tomorrow!