En Route to El Salvador


There's just something I love about traveling! Perhaps it's the people watching or the excitement if the destination or the new foods and sounds and sights. Or maybe it's the old familiar sounds and sights while en route to a new destination. Like today for example. Our layover was in Dallas, TX. And since Texas was the homeland of my youth it's always like going home whenever I'm there. Today, I couldn't help but have lunch at Pappadeaux's-one of my family's favorite seafood places since forever. I had the usual: crawfish étouffée and it did not disappoint. Even though we were in Dallas for only a couple of hours it was still nice to be home for a short while and get my Texan seafood fix! The afternoon flight to San Salvador, El Salvador was stunning. I got to sit in my fav-the window seat. The plane walls are a great pillow for afternoon naps and I always love to look out the window when I need a break from my reading (I started 'The Hole in Our Gospel: What Does God Expect of Us?' on this flight). Today's sky scenery also did not disappoint.

All in all it's been a wonderful day of traveling! I'm excited to see what our destination holds for us!